Jumping is considered as integral in most of the Olympic sporting events. Jumping games would not be conducted in the winter sports but included only in the summer sports.

Jumping mainly requires the athlete for jumping, and these sports would be only performed. Winter jumping sport mainly has been included with the sports called the skis or skates, with the use of the sliding equipment like a bobsled.

Normally, the Ski jumping would be technically called the jumping event in the sports. In this game, the athlete would be propelled into the air with the momentum and not by the physical action.

Many numbers of other events also have been taking place that includes freestyle skiing, snowboarding and many others mainly involving in the jumping. With the olympic jumping games mainly becomes the highest played game of all.

Athletic Sports:

divingIn fact, the action of jumping will be called as the central for several activities and sports. There are many sports mainly based on the ability for jumping like the high jump in track and many other sports involved with the act of jumping are also called as the h multiple athletic abilities on major sports. Below are the lists of varied types of jumping sports are given below

  • Diving:

In the Diving sports game, drivers would be using springboard for helping to easily propel in the air so that it is helpful for reaching a certain height, which mainly allows for performing the manoeuvres. For creating the appropriate momentum level, the driver would be jumping on the springboard. It mainly creates enough momentum along with driver jumps on the high end toward for performing the dive.

  • Hurdles:

Hurdles are mainly the track and field event as it mainly requires the runners for jumping across the hurdles on the track. Hurdles are considered as one of the best in all jumping games. It maiinly involves jumping through the hurdles and running in the steadfast based on the cadence and rhythm. The sport mainly involved with the three hurdle race distances

  • Women 100 m
  • Men 110 m
  • Men and women 400 m


  • High Jump:

High Jump sports mainly requires the complete running and jumping on a raised bar. The high jump techniques would especially vary with involving on the sideways approach allowing to jump back above the bar easily.

  • Long Jump:

In these sports, Long jumpers mainly sprint along the narrow track on the line, but athlete could not step over. Long jumpers would time their runs based on precision for stepping close to back edge.