The football premier league has come to an end and it is the perfect time for celebration now. There is an enormous number of players who were really played well with full dedication and effort. But there are still certain worst footballers are out here, which must be effectively criticized in an extraordinary manner. The worst players will be considered in goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers very effectively.

Some of the worst premier league players:

  • Asmir Begovic

According to the detailed analysis of the premier league, Asmir Begovic is considered as the worst goal keeper. There is no shock in hearing his name in the poor list since he has appeared only in two league games for Chelsea and around 5 times he has been conceded. He did not even try to stop the goal. Very worst play by him this.

Stephan Lichtsteiner

  • Claudio Bravo

Not only Asmir Begovic, but Claudio Bravo also lies on the same boat. He also showed his poor performance this season. Due to his lack of game conscious, the team is completely under the struggle. The average saves also very low for the per match for this terrible football players.

  • Stephan Lichtsteiner

Stephan Lichtsteiner from arsenal team has become very slow, inactive and showing poor performance over the past three years. Apart from that, he has allowed joining in the premier league, but still, his game is very poor and he is the worst soccer player ever.

  • Marc Pugh

Marc Pugh from Bournemouth is still in the game, but it is a really shocked one. Based on his recent performances, he must be kicked out of the game due to the worst game. But still, the team believes him. When it comes to worst, his name must come first.

Gary Madine

  • Phil Bardsley

Phil Bardsley from Phil Bardsley is one of the hard work putting players, but still, he can’t become a good player, sure to his talent. You can’t find any flaw in his effort, but still, you can find a flaw in his talent. In case, he develops his talent, then surely he can become a good player, if not he will remain as worst player.

  • Gary Madine

Gary Madine from Cardiff is once a good striker but day by day his performance has gets poor and that made him lose the opportunity to take part in the premier league. Hence it is proof that he is one among the worst premier league players with fewer skills.