Weekend Blitz

Weekend Blitz

2016 Date to be Announced
A 3-Day Design Challenge for Social Impact @ GRid70, Grand Rapids, MI

We believe in the potential design thinking has to create meaningful change for organizations and businesses. That’s why we’ve developed Weekend Blitz, a 3-day design challenge that unites creative professionals with local organizations to amplify what they’re doing for the community. The Weekend Blitz reimagines the essence of design and playful thinking through the lens of an accelerated timeframe.

The organizations we work with are able to take their branding and presence to the next level and broaden their impact through purposeful design solutions. They learn how to participate in the design process by working hand in hand with creative professionals of all backgrounds. Through this open collaboration, designers are also able to grow their skills and learn from industry peers they may not otherwise have an opportunity to work with. Together, we’re instilling a passion and respect for design within our community.



Q: What do you look for when selecting organizations?
A: Each application is thoroughly reviewed by a team of advisors that assess factors such as what the organization is looking to accomplish, if we have the right team of volunteers to execute the project, and if it’s achievable within the 3-day timeframe. We also assess whether the organization has the means to carry out what is created, and if the deliverables can create a growing and sustainable impact in our community.

Q: How involved is the organization throughout the weekend?
A: We highly recommend that each organization have at least one point of contact available throughout the weekend to kick off the project, provide any necessary assets or details, check in with their team, and participate in the final presentations. There may be some discovery work that happens prior to the event as well to ensure the team has what they need to make the most of the weekend.

Q: Do organizations get finished work?
A: Yes! Teams work diligently all weekend to gather all the necessary components for the project including content, photography, design, and development. While each project differs in what is being delivered, organizations can count on having final design files to work with after the event. In some cases (i.e., websites or applications), additional details or access may be needed to launch.

Q: Are there requirements to participate as a creative?
A: A computer and some skills are really all you need. From beginner to experienced pro, there is a place to put your talents to work. If you have a knack for leading projects, you can participate as a team lead and help facilitate the project from start to finish, gathering info and requirements from the client and supporting team members where they fit best.

Q: What if I’m not creative in any way?
A: No problem. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer before and during the weekend, helping to make the event a success from start to finish. This could involve setting up the space, checking people in, setup for presentations, and general event facilitation. There’s really no need for creative or technical expertise. There will be a coordinator available to help place support where it’s needed.

Q: What’s required after the event?
A: The goal of the weekend is to accomplish as much as possible in the 3-day timeframe. However, sometimes there are more details or technical access needed to hand off final artwork and deliverables. It’s possible that there may be some minor adjustments or launch time needed after the event but the vast majority of work will happen during the event, requiring little to no time needed after.

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Interested in sponsoring the Weekend Blitz? Contact dfg@westmichigan.aiga.org for more information or download the Weekend Blitz Sponsorship PDF to find out more about how your contributions can make a difference for this initiative. Looking to help promote this event? Download the Weekend Blitz Media Kit for valuable assets.

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