Weekend Blitz

Design for Good is a platform that develops and sustains design thinking for social change. It also provides opportunities for creatives to build their practice, their network, and their visibility. Design for Good recognizes designers’ skills and leadership in implementing social change in our communities, our country, and the world at large.

AIGA West Michigan’s Weekend Blitz event enters its third year with the continued goal of extending the movement to ignite, accelerate and amplify design-driven social change through the collaboration of creative professionals and local non-profit organizations. Over the course of 72 hours, designers will be challenged with issues that will require them to use strategy, empathy and craft to aid in social change. 

Unique to the Weekend Blitz, participants span the range of creative disciplines with Print Designers, User Interface Designers, User Experience Designers, Copywriters, Illustrators, Business Strategists, Photographers, Videographers, Industrial Designers and Developers. With this approach, we’re able to catapult non-profit organizations to the next phase, helping them gain more funding, increase volunteer efforts, raise awareness of their service/initiative, and so much more.

With our communities’ support and involvement, Design for Good helps area non-profits and social enterprise groups understand and utilize the power of design. Leading by example, our community will see firsthand the impact of excellent design.

  • This group of wonderful people has already reignited my excitement for our cause. Their talent and enthusiasm will not end this weekend. What they are doing will carry us further and make us stronger than ever.
    Audrey Marihugh Homes of Hope
  • "Our non-profit gained some valuable "brand" enhancement and creative logo that will help the organization stand-out and link the effort to our public image."
    Carol Manos Carol's Ferals
  • "We got a great tool added to our website that is HUGE at raising awareness and raising funds! We never would have been able to afford this piece if paying for it on our own."
    Bridget Clark Whitney Executive Director, Kids' Food Basket
  • "I've taken away a better way to communicate. This project really was complex and by having new users look at it, we are able to really bullet out key themes."
    Steve Faber Executive Director, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks


Interested in sponsoring the Weekend Blitz? Contact dfg@westmichigan.aiga.org for more information or download the Weekend Blitz Sponsorship PDF to find out more about how your contributions can make a difference for this initiative. Looking to help promote this event? Download the Weekend Blitz Media Kit for valuable assets.

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